Free eBook: God Blessed the Broken Road Book One- Mariza

God Blessed the Broken Road Book One- Mariza (God Blessed the Broken Road Series)  is a free download for your Kindle today. This book has gotten excellent reviews, but almost all of the reviewers stated it is a tear jerker, have a box of Kleenex nearby!

Amazon description:

David had always felt at a young age he had a purpose in life. He believed that he could touch people’s hearts through love, compassion, and his faith in God. Until one day when tragedy strikes leaving him heartbroken. Through time David’s life begins to spiral out of control. Feeling empty inside he turns to drugs and alcohol as a way of coping. As he quickly falls into a dark place in his life, his sister Mariza watches over him. Knowing David has fallen from grace Mariza is determined to save him, but will it be too late?

Don’t have a Kindle ? You can download a free PC reading app from Amazon. Remember Amazon’s prices fluctuate, so make sure to double-check that this is still free before you order!

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